“Three new characters”

(left to right)

-Becky: Josephine’s grand daughter.
She is a computer addict. Shes is often found in her room Facebooking and hacking online games. Also a Harry Potter fan! 😀 If you ever spot her outside of her house she’ll probably tell you, “Gran’ gran told me that I should get out and see the world! She’s such a GRINCH!!!” She is a 14 yr old girl.


Nina: She works in the Tailor Shop. She is very interested in Alice’s fashion sense and is determined to make more dresses for Alice to wear. (You can buy new clothing from her Tailor Shop)


Jake: He is a Child. Also known as Reina’s little brother.
He is always running around chasing after wild animals.
His older sister is always lecturing Jake about how he never helps her around the Restaurant! Jake is a 7 yr old boy. Jake always haves a smile on his face but inside he is very lonely. After’all he is the ONLY child in town. Sometimes he’ll ask you to play with him. Choosing yes will make him super happy and choosing no will make him angry at you for a whole week!


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