Beta Testing?

Is anyone out there interested in volunteering themselves as Beta Testers for me? 😛

If your interested then please comment below your E-Mail.

Please don’t spread the link around around anywhere. Don’t want any loser to steal my game.

Also don’t take anything out of the game files! I’d appreciate it very much! There’s a 63% chance I’ll even send you the Download Link because I am very cautious!


5 thoughts on “Beta Testing?

  1. I’ve stumbled across your thread in rpgmakervx..
    I have fallen in love with your project, it looks dazzling and promising 🙂

    I would love to help as beta testers if you still need them.

    Good luck ! Cant wait to see this game finished 🙂

  2. I am interested, I love harvest moon and recently got into rpg maker. my email is jumboficsh(at) I would love to beta test!

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