Your Home!

Home Final

This is how your home will look like! When you first move in their is literally nothing but; A Bed, Yellow Picture, Window with curtains, and little pictures on the wall.

Things you can buy is: Chest, Basement, Wardrobe, and a TV!
The Chest holds the stuff you probably don’t need at the moment.
Basement is where can buy two Arcade Games. I’m thinking about adding a third Arcade Machine but haven’t found a good mini-game yet.

Wardrobe is where you keep all of your 6 outfits, Purple, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, and Black. And NO. I will not be making anymore clothes than that.

The TV is obviously there to tell you the next day’s weather.
(Which surprisingly took me a SUPER long time to make!)
But it works fine now! 😀


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