So I just wanted to show you guys some more features in MLA.
Besides Farming and Taking Care of Dragon, there are many more challenging yet fun things to do.

You need a Fishing Rod, There are 3 places you can fish.
At each of those 3 areas you have 5 chances to catch a fish.

Chopping Down Tree Stumps:
You need an Axe, when you chop a stump it will randomly give you 1, 2,3, or 4 lumber. Collect Lumber and Gold to buy many things at the Carpentry, Like a Television, Wardrobe, or Storage Box.

Rock Smashing:
You need a Hammer, smash boulders in the Cave and randomly get a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Ore. If you get unlucky, you’ll find useless stuff like a Rock.
Use Ores to buy Upgrades for your Tools. Have stronger tools to make your job as a Farmer easier to do.

You need a Shovel and Digsite Pass, Find wild plants, seeds, money, artifacts, treasures, or useless things.

As you can see there are many activities you can do. So make sure you eat occasionally to regain your energy. If you use up all your Energy, you’ll pass out and wake up the next day realizing you wasted half of your morning.


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