I’m almost done with all the Maps. I need at least 6 outdoor maps and probably 2 indoor maps.

“Branch Island” is the “Spring island”
“Drop Island” is the “Fall Island”
“Aqua Island” is the “Winter Island”

These Islands remain the same season throughout the years. They’re the only places that you can be foraging.


I was also thinking of doing this “Pet System”
You buy a Pet, kinda like a Dog or a Cat
I’m not sure what special effect they have on the game yet but they follow you around town as your faithful companion.
But I don’t want Dogs or Cats. I decided to put in extraordinary pets.
Like; Foxes, Mushrooms, Pandas, Raccoon, Monkeys, and other creatures.

I’m not considering it or anything, I’m just thinking.


Also: Here’s a sneak peek at Branch Island. The Entrance Area.
Spring Island


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