Text – Windowskin

Sorry I haven’t Post anything in a while. I finally got a hold of a Windowskin – Changer Script! This Script changes the Windowskin while you are playing. (Obviously) It’s optional if you want the change the Windowskin. There are a Total of 20 Skins you can choose to change from. Of course each Skin costs Game-Gold. You can buy these Windowskins at the Weekend Market.

There are 4 Booths at the Market:
-Dragon Booth/Shop (Where you Buy Dragon Puppies)
-Gift Booth/Shop (Buy Rare Gifts)
-Cooking Booth/Shop (Buy Kitchen and Cooking Recipes)
-Windowskin Booth/Shop (Buy new Skins to your liking)

18 of them are here. 1 is the Default Skin and another one is given to you for FREE.
Some of them Skin in action:



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