Recommend Ideas?

MLA Spring Season Demo will be out soon. I am definitely determined to finish the game once the Demo is out! It depends how much attention and ratings my Demo gets. If it goes bad, I might just drop the Project. But I totally doubt I will. I love this Project too much to quit! 😀
I always want to make this game better and better by adding in more and more features!
Please give me some rough ideas that you would like to see in MLA. I will definitely consider some of them.

Some I already have:

There are also:
-Windowskin Changer
-Heart Events
-Wardrobe, Change Clothing Outfits
-The System in the game itself
-Dragon Pet System

That reminds me, would you guys like to see the list of Festivals?

Again: Comment below what you would like to see/have in MLA!


5 thoughts on “Recommend Ideas?

  1. I think Windowskin Changer isn’t needed. Also, I thought it’ll be a simulator of everyday life but you added dragons there, it isn’t real.

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