On Hiatus – ???

It’s not really ON Hiatus. I just won’t be posting a lot for a while. I won’t be having Internet for a while. I am still gonna be working on MLA, but I just won’t be able to post as much as I used to. This also means that the Demo won’t be released for a while. Again, I’m sorry for having to keep holding back the release of the Demo. I am at the edge of almost finishing up the Demo. I still have Internet at my house but I don’t know when It will be gone. So until then I hope I can update you guys on MLA as much as possible.


On another Note: I created this Reading System.

You can read and check out books at Pearls Library. You can read many books but there is one problem, I’m not good at writing stories. I’ve seen a lot of great writers on several forums and I’m just asking if anyone will be interested. You can message me a story you wrote yourself. You will definitely be credited among the Credit List and in the Game.

The story can about anything you want.

Rules within story:
-Needs to be appropriate. (Harvest Moon appropriate)
-Note: Even though you message me your story, it’s not a guarantee that I’ll use it.
(Not that it’s bad or anything. It really depends on the story.)
-It haves to be a short story. Roughly 1-3 Paragraphs.
-Use original Characters.
—If you have any other questions, please ask. As of right now I have about 5-6 stories and I added 4 of them in the Game.

This is how you can read books inside the Game! You can read them in the Library or Check them out to read wherever, whenever you want.


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