Bee Hut for HONEY!


Right now the Demo is complete but it’s currently being beta-tested.
For the time being, I’m adding Bees to the game. This is called, “Bee Hut System.”
The BHS(BeeHutSystem) won’t be in the Demo but it’ll be in the full game, Which won’t come out anytime soon. The BHS is taking care of Bees and they’ll produce you Honey

Honey can be eat, sold, or used as a recipe ingredient. In order to get a Bee Hut, you’ll have to buy/order one from the Carpentry. You can have a total of 2 Bee huts in your Yard. Your Bees will only produce you one Jar every 3 days. Honey is sold at a very high price and majority of the Townspeople love Honey Icon.


4 thoughts on “Bee Hut for HONEY!

  1. Wow, your game has become even more promising. I hope the demo is out soon for non-beta testers to try on.

    I’m wondering, do you create all the sprites all by yourself?

  2. Oh, I love honey, so for me, it’s a great feature to add 🙂 I might be the only one who thinks that bees are cute, though xD. Can’t wait for the demo!

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