Character Description Updated

I updated more thoroughly written descriptions of who the Characters are.
Characters Page:

For now I don’t have an updated info on the Main Character Alice. I’ll have that up sometime tomorrow. Note: The icons displayed with each Character is what the gift that he/she loves.
Examples for the Bachelors:




4 thoughts on “Character Description Updated

  1. I totally have my heart set on Lucas ❤
    Anyway, I don't remember if you have mentioned this before, but what is the furthest stage of dating in this game?
    I remember you mentioned heart events, but does the heart event only lead to coupling or can we actually get married?

    • There are 5 heart levels.
      1 Heart: Acquaintance
      2 Hearts: Friends
      3 Hearts: Crush
      4 Hearts: A Couple
      5 Hearts: In Love (Leads to Marriage)

      So you can pretty much get married.
      I was planning on ending the game once you get married but now I’m going to keep the game continuing on until you finish all of the 3 main stories of the game.

  2. Oh, I’m so happy you updated the characters’ profiles <3. I really enjoyed reading more about them :). I'm also happy the game doesn't end when you marry! And now that I know a little more about them, I'll definitely go for Dean (though I had already planned on doing so).
    The rest of the villagers look interesting too, so I really hope there's some story behind them, because that would make playing even more appealing than it already is.
    I hope to see more about the game soon, and expect some more fanart :3

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