The long awaited DEMO is finally out! Thank you to all of my supporters for supporting me this past year! Please continue on to support me as I continue making the full version of the game. Please give me your feedback of the DEMO. Comment below some bugs, glitches, your thoughts, improvements, and your ideas!

(For those who don’t own RPG Maker VX, you have to install the RTP before playing.
The RTP is already in the Download Link Folder, so just install it from there.)

Download Link:


23 thoughts on “My Lazy Afternoon DEMO!!!

  1. Wow, just got here to check if the demo was out, but I didn’t think it would really be… I have to go sleep as soon as it finishes downloading, but I’ll play it when I come back from school!
    In the meantime, I wanted to ask: which things are included in the demo? I’m sorry if it’s been said, but my memory isn’t that good xD.

    • There is so specific story. It’s pretty much Alice meeting Hilda for the first time. I didn’t include the storyline. The demo is pretty much just or the player to get used to MLA and to just have fun!

  2. I’ve only played a little, but I’ve to admit I’ve been enjoying it a lot so far! And I have to say I love how finding Jake got me a voodoo doll xD.
    Some things I’d improve:
    *More stamina (even though I discovered you can take a bath).
    *More waterings per refill
    *More dialogue
    *’The Hanzel’s War’ grammar needs to be corrected.
    *The line ‘This place never seems to bored me’ should be something among the lines of ‘This place never seems to bore me’ (though you better ask a native english speaker).
    *I’d appreciate not needing the running shoes; it’s a little annoying not being able to run.
    *The quest saying where can I get the materials (for example, I have no idea of how I can get those medicinal herbs for Lucas xD).
    I’m currently stuck at day 4th, being that I can’t find the medicinal herbs, nor cancel the quest…

    • You can find Medicinal Herbs at Branch Island.
      At the Beach, there’s a Ship. You can take the Ship to Branch Island. At Branch Island, there is a lot of tall grasses. You can find plants by walking on tall grass.

      • Sorry, my bad. I find the island feature quite interesting! I played a couple more days, but I don’t have anything new to report yet.
        Also, I wanted to ask: is the selling feature enabled? If so, how can I sell my crops/items? I apologise for such silly questions, but I’m no good at figuring out this things.
        Again, I’m enjoying the game so far! Thank you for this entertaining demo :).

  3. Hello!
    I’ve been playing My Lazy Afternoon πŸ™‚ Lots of fun! Thanks for the demo.

    What you can do to improve, it’s up to you though:
    ~Making the crops watered when rainy weather.
    ~When I go to the library and tried the tutorials ‘How to plant Crops’ and ‘How to take care of Animals’ it read ‘Unable to find Audio/File/BGM and closed 😦 I didn’t save.
    ~Maybe more mini-games? I find the fact you added mini-games great, it allows me to do something other than watering crops. πŸ™‚ Tetris time! lol. Hope you can add even more!

    By the way, I made some fan-art. i’ll be sending it to you shortly, sorry if it doesn’t look too good -.-“. Not the best artist, but wanted to somehow contribute to this project. πŸ™‚

    • Oh, the Crops do get watered on rainy days. It just doesn’t look like it. I still need to fix that.

      Thanks for the feedback

      I love any fan art I get! It really motivates me to continue making the game!


      And about your Game you’re making.
      When I’m available, I’ll message you back on some scripts, resources, and help. πŸ˜€

      • Thank you sooo much! Hope you can help when you have the time πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
        Just message me using the email I used to send the fan art.
        I’m glad the fan art helps in some way. Keep on going! πŸ™‚ the game is great fun.
        If I can help you as well just ask πŸ˜‰ hopefully I can make more fan art!

        I’m glad you fixed those little bugs, downloading the updated version right now.

        Thanks, your help would REALLY help me, when you get the time just message me! πŸ™‚

    • I fixed the Bug. If you want the fixed version, go back and click on the download link. You can continue playing your saved file if you move the ‘SaveFile’ into the Fixed version of MLADemo.

      If you don’t understand:
      -Move this file from the Folder

      -Into the folder of the new download link.

  4. I came back to say I loved the ‘Sweets and Coffee” book <3. My regards to striderider for writing such a cute story :3.
    I like this library system of being able to sell the books and still be able to read them there.
    This has nothing to do, but Lucas is such a cute one! And I'd probably say something of the sort about Dean, but I'm still trying to figure out his schedule, really xD.

  5. Hello,
    I mainly use ace however also use VX.
    I would prefer ace resources, but since their pretty similar I welcome all! πŸ˜‰
    Ace and VX resources are fine.
    Thanks πŸ™‚
    Note: making more fan art! Yay πŸ™‚

  6. I have played your demo and really love what you have done so far! I’m looking forward to the finished product.

    Also I have some fan-art that I would like to share.

    Keep up the great work!

  7. Woah, it’s so cool to see so much people are making fan-art! <3. I'm working in a little thing myself, too.
    Also… pleasedon'tkillmeI'msureyouhatemebynowbut… I think I found a problem? I wanted to do Reina's quest, so I accepted it. But I can't find her! I thought she was supposed to be in the dinner (or at least she was there for the first 3 or 4 days)? I didn't want to bother you, so I let 7 or 8 days, but she isn't there at any time. She only appears there at 5 p.m or so, when her location changes to the kitchen, but even if I talk to her at that time, she won't mention the kitchen.
    I got to the part when Hilda appears, and I have to say I'm looking forward to meeting her again :3
    I don't think this has to do with anything, but I love Jake xD.

  8. Haha… sorry for the “wall” of text. Hopefully all this info is useful to you~! (:

    Hi! I really enjoy what I see so far as I’m playing through the demo although… I’m experiencing a lot of in-game lag. I am not sure if that is because you have a lot of parallel processes running at the same time? Have you thought about adding some anti-lag scripts or something? Like I said earlier, it’s a SUPER fun game but the constant lag almost makes it unplayable… and I’m not sure if other people are experiencing this?
    Other than that (I have a lot of positive things to say about it ^_^):
    Great choice of music! It’s very immersive and adds to the in-game environment.
    I like the animated birds and butterflies that move around on the maps, again… it really added to the game experience. I love seeing small, little details like that (: They make a big different, no matter how big or small. It really shows you put a lot of effort and thought in making your maps ^^
    I liked the addition of a brief “voice” sound in events and when you talked to some of the characters.
    I loved the journal in her room showing the affection levels of the 3 pursuable guys

    More negative info (but trying to be helpful, so that you can make the necessary improvements to make it an even better game~!):
    I’m not really sure where or who the person was? But in a store-like place? A girl with glasses who said something to us about “working, and being a pain” was pacing back and forth had blocked my way from leaving the store and would “not” move. I think her walking route should be changed to something that won’t interfere with the player.

    I also noticed that this girl NPC would take very slow, pausing steps. I know from using RPG Maker VX + ACE myself that in order to fix that type of “slow moving” sprites you change their frequency under Autonomous Movement to a higher percentage. For my NPCS I like to use Speed 3 (x2 Slower) and Frequency 5 (highest). It makes the sprite movement more fluid.

    In the Tailor Shop, I experienced a similar issue like in the General Store where the NPCS (Nina, Dean, cat) blocked my way from moving out from behind the long table. They do the slow walk as well, just like the girl in the General Store. (at least I’m assuming now it’s a General Store?)

    I don’t know how you coded the character schedule system but in the beginning I saw Lucas standing on a dock after leaving the farm and then suddenly he disappeared! It was odd because I expected him to “walk” to his next destination and not magically vanish to wherever. It was quite funny xD. Not sure if that is what you intended.
    I also experienced this again when I checked the quest bulletin board. Lucas automatically disappeared from the dock even though I had planned on talking to him after…?

    It would be nice to add an option to skip the opening scene when you create a new game once the player has already witnessed it.

    Not to happy with the fact you can’t run because the game world is big with a lot of ground to cover. It’s hard to get to places faster. I saw in the library you need to have running shoes in order to run but I don’t really like that idea. Especially since it is not clear how you get these running shoes.

    I felt in the beginning after the opening scene I was a little lost and left “hanging” with not any idea what I should be doing next. It would’ve been better to have an “objective” for the player to do after OR a little bit more explanation about our role here as a farmer and what we should be working towards, like some type of end “goal”.

    I’m sure there is more story to why she has amnesia and whether or not she can regain her memories. Also, from what I can see so far, there is very little amount of story. I feel in order to keep the player interested there should be an ongoing story throughout the game and maybe some little side stories that are more character-oriented which make it so you can learn more about the characters because right now how it is, all the characters to me feel quite lifeless and flat. This I know can be easily improved by developing the characters personalities more and giving them back stories, purpose, and feelings. When writing their dialogue, REALLY think about how this character would react if they had say… a cold personality or whatever personality you want to portray.

    I didn’t really like how slow-moving the clock seemed to be. No matter how long I stared at the clock, it felt like it took forever for time to pass.

    When I encountered the characters I had no idea what their name was and I found myself constantly going to look at the Char – Schedules folder to figure out their name. It would be a lot more convenient for players if you added a name box above or within the textbox.

    Also, everyone seemed to only talk about “work”? Which is sort of boring… Such as Lucas + when I talked to the older guy Frank (he talks about tools, etc relating to his job/work). Even in the events, such as in Dean’s first event and the first event you witness involving Reina and Jake. I think what needs to be done, like I said earlier is to “vary” the character’s dialogue a lot more, and give them more meaningful conversation and back stories…. Also make sure to keep their personality in mind!

    For example:
    Stuart in the mayor’s office looked to be very “posh” and polite-looking based on how he dressed but when I talked to him he used contractions and talked in a very slangy way… (ex. How’s the work comin’? Keep at it now!) I did not expect a posh-looking mayor to talk in that manner (although I would, if he was say… a carpenter or blacksmith). To me, Stuart just didn’t look the type to talk like that.

    One thing that really bothered me about the maps is that the bright colored green grass is too high saturated and hurts my eyes. Sometimes I find myself squinting at it because it is so bright. Maybe you can try and find a better grass tile that is easier on the eyes. The high saturated grass does not go well with everything currently, such as the wooden buildings, dock, etc. The wooden stuff is darker and so the bright grass is out of place.

    Typos I have found:
    Is catching bugs a hobbie? (Jake says this when you talk to him) The word hobbie in this sentence should be written “hobby”. Hobbie is a plural word (but is lacking an “s”) and would NOT be used in that sentence.

    In the library, Pearl says “Reading a good book is a great way of how to pass time.” but the correct way of saying that is: “Reading a good book is a great way of passing time.” Pearl also says “This place never seems to bored me.” but it should be “This place never seems to BORE me.”

    Wilson says “I love listening to music on my free time.” but he should say: “I love listening to music DURING my free time.”

    Josephine says β€œYou’re using up all he towns electricity!” when it should be: β€œYou’re using up all THE TOWN’S electricity!”

    I noticed as well that some words in sentences were capped that did not need to be such as in the General Store and in the Tailor Shop (ex. Today, Room)

    Some other stuff that came off as strange to me:
    If she has amnesia WHY is nobody introducing themselves and how come she REMEMBERS her name?? None of that is explained…

    Why do you need 10 Lumber in order to buy an already made TV? That comes off as a little strange to me… Main thing that bugged me though is WHY is a carpenter selling a TV? It would make more sense to be in a general store.

    How come this lady called Josephine suddenly says to me that this “Becky” person should get off the computer? But does not seem to realize that you’re there and doesn’t address you in any way? Not even, if you talk to her again?

    How come the women (Pearl) at the library knows our character’s name is “Alice”? When I have never seen her before?

    Questions I currently have:
    How do you get passes for the other islands and the cave?
    I probably would have more… but I’m still checking out the demo! I hope what I mentioned so far is useful!

    • -I think the game only lags on laptops. Are you using a laptop?
      and yes, i have anti-lag scripts in the game.

      Of course, tell me what you didn’t really enjoy about the game and what improvements you’d like.
      -The Gift Shop Lady? Sorry about that. I still needed to work on her move route.
      -I prefer to keep the characters speed and freq like that. If they go up, they would move constantly and i don’t like it like that.
      but I can try to do something to improve it. πŸ™‚
      -I need to have the running shoes involved. The running speed is too fast and it makes work go by extremely fast.

      -Yes, there is more of a story to her amnesia. Don’t forget that this is a demo. For now, I’m just introducing the game and made this demo to help th fans get used to how to play it.

      “Some other stuff that came off as strange to me:
      If she has amnesia WHY is nobody introducing themselves and how come she REMEMBERS her name?? None of that is explained…”
      –She was already introduced to the Town before the first day of work.
      -Thanks for telling me so that I can add that info in the game.

      -TV, Thanks. I also saw that was strange and forgot to change it to the General Store.

      -You buy the passes at Lucas General Store.
      same for the cave.

      Thanks for all the bug report and improvements.

  9. Hello! I’m avid player of Harvest Moon and Rune Factory (I could probably say they are my absolute favorite games) so when I saw your game I was instantly curious about it. I have been playing the demo for the last few days and I have to say I’m hooked on it.

    I just decided to leave my feedback now before I get distracted. πŸ˜€

    I can start by saying how much I really like all the characters in the game (the boys and the girls) and the main character is so pretty! I really like that you can check out how many hearts the boys have in the house too btw.

    The quests are really cool too. I like the board in the middle of the town and that you can only do one each day. (The snowball/tetris games are really fun.. I wasted way too much money on them Lol.. xD The hide-seek game is really fun too btw, I dunno why but I like to look around for the kid! As a plus I really like the digsite thing too! Free items! Yay!)

    The gameplay in the farm/cave is really good too, I need to say. I like that when you hit a stone for example you actually can see it slowly get smaller. The planting/harvesting actions and interaction is pretty good too. (I realized that the crops don’t change color when it’s raining but I think I saw someone report that too) I like that the food actually says exactly how much energy you gain (I used to hate reading all the percentages in HM lol). The animals are cute too, don’t really have anything relevant to add about them.

    Hmm.. I’ll add a few personal suggestions (if some things have already been addressed, sorry! Also feel free to ignore me because I’m going to be mainly selfish on this part Lol).

    First I would like to mention the Herbs quest.. I ended up only figuring out how to get them after checking here to be honest. I think you could add something like an introduction to each part of the island. If not in the beginning of the game, then maybe when we click the ship, just something short and even vague (no need to give it all away of course). I have to admit I wasn’t curious at all about the outside of the town until I had the need for those herbs. πŸ˜€ Even if I like to explore, if it’s for a quest, I think there should be some sort of hint to where to look for the item we need. (from all the quests this was the only thing I really didn’t like, the others were good)

    Also about the map. I really like the way we can see the map in full and I’m not sure if you are planning to do anything else with it. But I was thinking it would be cool if we could get a more specific view of the town, at least something with each shop marked. I say this because, after a few hours in the game, it’s easier to remember where is what, but I always have a hard time remember where I can find each person for quests, The names of the characters were hard to remember at first, my way of remembering it after a while was by the stores.. but a few times I could barely remember in which part of the town was that one store I needed to go to.. Maybe the main character could get a small map from someone in the town? Make us work for it, maybe in a quest? πŸ˜›

    Another detail if you could would be to mark the current day in the calendar. I feel ashamed to say I kept forgetting that the number in the corner of the screen was for the current day. Maybe put something like D-1? Instead of just ‘1’? Or mark it different? I don’t know.. It’s a small detail but considering there’s always important things happening each day.. I kept forgetting what day it was and then would curse to myself that I had missed something the previous day because I saw it wrong. xD

    Oh! I almost forgot.. one little thing that I should also mention. The trajectory of the npcs sometimes ends up with me stuck in corners. Lol In the library this happened once.. I had to wait a few minutes until the cat or the library girl would move away so I could get out. xD But I had this happened also in the Market.. the area is so small that it was a torture to move around to check each shop. I just thought I should comment on this, maybe you could edit the map a little or just cut short the npcs path so they don’t move around so much.

    Hmm.. I think I’m done with the post.. There were a few other things that I wanted to mention but ended up forgetting what it was.. But. Overall I really like your game. There’s so few games based in Harvest Moon that I always get excited when I see new ones. I really enjoyed the demo and I look forward to see what else you got planned for the game. πŸ˜€

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