Now that I’m working on completing the whole game of MLA, I decided to give Branch Island a new look with upgrades.
There much more things to do on Branch Island than before. There are still 3 maps but foraging is different. Foraging will not be “walking on tall grass to find plants.”
Foraging will be like Drop Islands. Find the light/sparkles. The reason I did this was to make it much easier. I’m not sure what anyone else thinks cause no feedback I’ve ever had ever recieved talked about this but I personally think foraging the old way in Branch Island takes up a lot of time and it is very confusing. <—(Sorry for that run-on sentence.)

The new Branch Island will have a small walkway Cave with a mini digsite in it.
The maps are more thought, specific, and detailed. Example, there are secret ways and hills you can leap from.
Branch Island will have 5 maps.
1 is the entrance.
2 is the 2nd field for foraging.
3 is the 3rd field for foraging.
4 is the Cave.
5 is a secret! (Next Monday Update I'll announce what it is.) 😀

Comparing Pics:



After comparing these two maps, I wonder what was going through my dumb mind when I was creating the old branch island map.


One thought on “NEW and IMPROVED

  1. Wow! I liked the old island, but this one is so much better <3. I never talked about foraging because I didn't feel it as a bad system, but yeah, this new one is definitely easier :).

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