Winter Christmas – Tumblr – Ask me anything

A look at MLA’s Winter Season. During Winter, Harmony Town celebrates the Holidays with decorating the Town with Christmas decorations.

If anybody didn’t know, I created a tumblr account.
On Tumblr I will be posting things on; MLA, RPGVX Projects, and my personal interests.
my account:

On my tumblr I have a “Ask me anything” page.
link to ask me:


One thought on “Winter Christmas – Tumblr – Ask me anything

  1. I already follow you on tumblr but now I don’t know where I should write something. XD
    Well, I really love the idea with the Christmas decoration. *.* And those snowmen. So cute. Now I can’t help but imagine a scene where Jake wants to make one. XD “Alice, do you want to help? Do you? Do you?” XD
    What interests me is how you organize everything. I’m playing with the idea of also doing a game, but I never know how I should start it. Is a word document better for writing everything down? Or a table for better organizing?

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