Branch Island – Cow Barn

The 5th Map of Branch Island will be a Field with a big Barn along with a yard.
The Property is NOT FREE! You can buy this property from Stuart in his Office.
The Cow Barn can hold up to 8 Cows. It’s a Cows only Barn. There is another Barn you can buy at Drop Island, which are for the Sheep.

The Barn at your Farm are for Chickens only:

The outside of the Cow barn:

The inside with all 8 cows:


2 thoughts on “Branch Island – Cow Barn

  1. Thanks for your continual posts πŸ™‚ even though I mightn’t comment I have read each of your posts.
    About this post, is this an update or is this a part of the demo? If it is how do I buy this from Stuart exactly?
    Keep up the great work ^.^

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