New Street and Characters (MyLazyMondayUpdates)

The Full Version will have a new street along with 5 new characters, their appearances is yet to be revealed. Royal Street will have an Inn and a Mansion owned by a wealthy family.

Characters living in the Mansion:
-Marissa Mannington (Owner of Mansion/Mother of Chad) *NEW CHAR*
-Maxwell Mannington (Son of Mariah) *NEW CHAR*

Characters living in the Inn:
-Avery (Working Maid of Mannington Mansion) *NEW CHAR*
-Talia (Owner of Inn) *NEW CHAR*
-Paris (N/A) *NEW CHAR*
-Nina (Tailor)
-Izzy (Owner of Gift Shop)
-Nozomu (Merchant)

Royal Street:

Woodrow Street leads onto Royal Street:


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