Demo – Updated

I received a few (a lot) of bug reports. I fixed them as fast as I could. So if you’d like to download it: 

On another note: here are some of the characters that display what they’re usually being signified as. Some are high and mighty, and some are underdogs.

There are a few characters up here that you haven’t seen before but I will not expose who they’re yet. 😀


6 thoughts on “Demo – Updated

  1. Yay! An update. I’ll be sure to check this new update :), can’t wait to see the new characters especially the stalker :P, just kidding, but I’m interested in the new city characters and the fishermen and what their stories are. Keep up the awesome work.

    • Oh, no, the new characters and street aren’t in here.
      This update just have bug fixes.

      The new street and characters will be in the full version of the game.

      Sorry for the confusion.

  2. Whoops -.-“, sorry. Oh well, at least I’ll know what to expect from the full version. Can’t wait for the full game. How long do you think until you can say a release date?

    • I don’t have a release date but I do know the full version won’t be released in a long time.

      So, I’m trying to add in some new features and events in the upcoming Demo to keep everyone satisfied until the full ver comes out.

  3. Oh no! I missed the demo link I guess, its down now. 😦

    Any chance of uploading an updated demo again? I’d love to see it! As an aside, if you need a place to host demos let me know, I have plenty of bandwidth and server space available to me.

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