Digsite Updated (MLMU)


In the Cave at Branch Island, there is a digsite there. Dig on each square until you can find a ladder that’ll lead to the next floor level. The sign on the left, tells you which level you are on and the highest level you ever adventured.

The value of items you find is determined of how low you’ve got.
Example: Levels 1-10 are plants and trash.
Going down deeper, you will find much more valuable items.
Best of all, time doesn’t go by when you are at the digsite, but you do lose Energy. So make sure to have something in your bag to feed re-energize yourself.

The rival couples poll will end by the end of this month.
So vote as much as possible. Right now there are some ties between couples.


2 thoughts on “Digsite Updated (MLMU)

  1. Wow! A new dig site this looks amazing πŸ™‚
    Is this made using variables?
    How do you make the staircase part of it?
    And how do you make the items change, as in they become rarer?
    Anyways this looks awesome, how many floors does it have and how deep?
    Keep up the amazing work πŸ™‚

    • Yep, I used variables. The staircase part was really confusing/complicated to make but I figured it out.

      As for the levels, I am still thinking about which levels super rare items would be found.

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