New Character – Yuki

Yay! A new character in the game is revealed! I’m sorry I haven’t posted any new updates in forever. However, I promise I’m working hard on completing MLA. Any-who… Yuki is a new character. Yuki is a mysterious spirit that you can unlock under some certain circumstances. She lives in Branch Island as a guardian to keep the Island safe and healthy. The more you befriend her, she will warm up to you and you’ll be able to learn about her story/background. 



A very important announcement! The plot of the game will be changed. I never really got the chance to tell anyone, but the plot I have display now is actually just default plot. As of right now, I am working very hard on writing the main plot and twist of the game. I am aiming to have the story involve each main villager within it. (When i say main villager, I mean; Lucas, Dean, Nina, Reina, Hilda, and Becky…etc…) I’m still debating if I should add in anymore arcs or not. I feel like adding in arcs will lose the main heart of the original story of MLA. So instead i might just add each villager their own events and story. 


Also, check out my portrait artist deviantart page:


One thought on “New Character – Yuki

  1. Hello! I hope you remember me 😀
    How’s the game been going? Although I don’t comment, I’ve been checking pretty much monthly and I just wanted to say your game is a huge inspiration to me. Everything from the mapping (Your epic skills are just wow!) to the continual updates that you’ve been making, to the events. I just wanted to remind you that if you need anything, or if there is anything that I can help with feel free to tell me.
    I understand that you can be busy though, but I thought that having a comment every now and then is quite a booster and well I’ll like to support you however I can!
    In fact, I’ve been practising my digital art for a while now. I’m happy to create some new fanart! Would that be fine with you? If it is, which characters do I draw? The new ones?

    Merry Christmas and best of luck to you!

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