Thanks to RPG Maker VX I am able to create such an amazing game!
This game is called My Lazy Afternoons (As you can see on the logo above)
My Lazy Afternoons is a Farming/Adventure kinda game.
The Game series Harvest Moon really inspired me to make this game.
When I found out that we can make our own games with RPG Maker VX, the first thought that came into my mind was a Farming Game like Harvest Moon.
I’m still working on this game at the time so please be patient with me!



A Mysterious girl arrives into Harmony Town. Walking around town she bumps into a blonde man named Lucas.
She admits she does not know where she is but most importantly she doesnt remember who she is or her past memories.
Lucas feels bad for having a girl travel by herself not knowing anything about her own life.
He asks the girl to stay in town to see if he can do anything to help.
He convinces the Mayor of the town to lend her the Farm until she somehow or maybe memorizes her memories.
The Mayor decides to call the girl by Alice.
While living on the farm, Alice signs a contract that promises she will take care of the farm and raise chickens.

-Play the rest of the game to find out more of Alice and her past.

More Info of Game:
Answers and Questions:

Q: Will MLA be Free or Commercial?
A: -MLA will be a FREE Game.

Q: Is there a main Story line?
A: -Yes, there are 3 arcs.

Q: Is it possible to marry the Bachelors?
A: -Yes, but if you wanna get married, you must complete the Game’s 3 main story lines.

Q: Will this game ever be complete?
A: -I’m aiming to complete a Demo and then finish the Full Version. Chances are I’ll fail and not complete it though. 😦

The Game haves 4 Season; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter in one year.
Summer, Fall, and Winter all have their own Stories and Objectives.
It’s up to you (the Main Char) to play through that Story line.
Note: You can only get married after you finish all three Stories.
Spring haves no Story because I want the Player to get used to the game and get everything settled in for the Summer Story.

———————-A Few Features in the game———————-


7 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hey! I just found about your game, and I have to say it looks stunning! I’ve checked all the info as fast as I could, and now I’m looking forward to its demo and release :3 It looks like there will be lots of things to do, specially with the 3 storylines thing.
    I hope it’s not long before there are more updates. I’d really love to see more info about the characters <3.
    Thank you very much for making this game! I'm sure there's lot of people looking forward to it as much as me!

  3. Amazing game! I have to be honest.. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do :3
    Also.. I noticed a glitch with the watering can.. >w< upgraded it to lvl 2.. and it didn't give it back after 3 days. So ended up having to restart the game XD an skip upgrading. But again.. Love the game! ^^

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