New Character – Yuki

Yay! A new character in the game is revealed! I’m sorry I haven’t posted any new updates in forever. However, I promise I’m working hard on completing MLA. Any-who… Yuki is a new character. Yuki is a mysterious spirit that you can unlock under some certain circumstances. She lives in Branch Island as a guardian to keep the Island safe and healthy. The more you befriend her, she will warm up to you and you’ll be able to learn about her story/background. 



A very important announcement! The plot of the game will be changed. I never really got the chance to tell anyone, but the plot I have display now is actually just default plot. As of right now, I am working very hard on writing the main plot and twist of the game. I am aiming to have the story involve each main villager within it. (When i say main villager, I mean; Lucas, Dean, Nina, Reina, Hilda, and Becky…etc…) I’m still debating if I should add in anymore arcs or not. I feel like adding in arcs will lose the main heart of the original story of MLA. So instead i might just add each villager their own events and story. 


Also, check out my portrait artist deviantart page: http://teatimesenri.deviantart.com/


Hilda and Teatimesenri

My portrait artist just finished drawing Hilda’s new portraits. This turned out better than what I envisioned for her to look like. This is the new Hilda!



Also, this page leads to my portrait artist: http://teatimesenri.blogspot.com/
Great artist! Check it out!


Favorite Bachelor Poll

From Left to Right.

Stuart is the Mayor of Harmony Town. He’s been living in Harmony Town his whole life. His father who used to be the mayor is now retired and gave Stuart the responsibility to take care of the Town. Stuart is a soft heated, patient, well-mannered, sarcastic, and polite guy. He lives by himself in the Mayors Office.
Interests: reading books, writing, ballroom dancing, and drinking tea.
Favorite Seasons: spring and winter.
Quote: “Having a bad day? A simple sip of a cup of tea will make all the bad go away.”

Maxwell (Max):
Max is a city boy that only visits on the weekends. His mother lives in harmony town while his dad lives in he city. His parents are divorced. Max is a very calm, cool, popular, and slow-minded guy. However, there seems to be a bit of secrecy in his life that he won’t reveal. He’s sometimes stereotyped as a jock. Even though he’s a date-able bachelor, he has a girlfriend. Paris, a spoiled, rich girl who lives in the city as well. She comes to Harmony Town along with Max.
Interests: playing football, swimming, and exercising.
Favorite Season: Summer
Quote: “Wanna play football? You know you wanna.”

Dean is a disobedient son who is always out of the house doing pointless things. He wants to enjoy his youthful years instead of working all day with his Father. His Father and him own a carpentry business. Dean is probably the most buff out of the other bachelors. Dean is an outgoing, selfish, sometimes immature, and independent.
Interests: Sleeping, working out, eating, and loitering.
Favorite Season: Autumn
Quote: “If you’re ever bored and have nothing to do, we should hang out. But don’t tell my Dad where I am. If he finds me loitering around, I’m busted!”

Lucas is the most down to nature guy out of the bachelors. Lucas is high spirited, positive, kind, and humble. He has lived in the countryside all his life. His parents both passed away in an accident when he was young so he grew up living with his grandparents. Although, he lives alone now. Lucas owns and works in his own shop. On his free time and days off of work, he is usually found outside admiring nature.
Interests: Working, cooking, and singing.
Favorite Seasons: Spring & Autumn
Quote: “Another day to enjoy the beauty of life and nature!”

Big Bad Wolf:
The Big Bad Wolf is an awkward and uncomfortable person to confront. There are times when he would be caught stalking MC. He’s somewhat sarcastic and always looks on the positive side of a situation. He’s also very secretive considering the fact that he won’t tell anyone his real name. People say to stay away from the guy because all he does is cause trouble and can be a bit devious.
Interests: Stalking, entertainment, and keeping secrets.
Favorite Season: Winter
Quote: “So you’re the new farmer… I expected you to be a more dirty and messy person…but there’s something different about you”


Back from the Dead (Screenshots + updated Char-Portraits)

I’m finally back. I’m working on MLA again! I promise this time until the next Hiatus. 😛
I updated the game with some of the new character portraits I have. So far, I only have the new portraits for; Alice, Lucas, Dean, Stuart, and Reina. I also have the portraits for a new character (Big Bad Wolf). I haven’t made his spriteset yet though. I also need to update Stuart, Alice, and Reina’s sprites to match their portrait designs. I really hope I can get a lot of work done this time and be able to get you guys an updated demo with the new features and characters.






Stuart and New Bachelor, Big Bad Wolf

Here’s Stuarts new portrait design along with his info:
BIO - Stuart

A new Bachelor will be added to the game. His name is Big Bad Wolf.

The Big Bad Wolf is an awkward and uncomfortable person to confront. In the game, there are times when he would be caught stalking Alice, the MC. He would always tease Alice and tick her off for fun. He’s somewhat sarcastic and always looks on the positive side of a situation. He’s also very secretive considering the fact that he won’t tell anyone his real name. People say to stay away from the guy because all he does is cause trouble and can be a bit devious.
As you get along with him within the game, his real name and back-story will be revealed.


New Portrait Designs

I found a artist that was willing to help me out with portraits. Feeling so grateful!
Some Characters will have makeovers and some might stay the same.

I’ll be adding a few characters. Some of these new characters that I’m thinking of is only a “maybe”… They’re not official
– Ocean (Female – Mermaid)
– Yo (Male – Fisherman)
– Izzy (Female – The Gift shop owner)
– Big Bad Wolf (Male – Stalker. Possible new Bachelor)
– Baker (Female – thinking of adding in a Bakery)
– Yuki (Female – Spirit of Aqua Island.)

Here are three characters that are finished:

Here are the new character information:
BIO - Alice

BIO - Lucas

BIO - Reina



Hey everyone! I’m really busy with my school and studying but I’m starting to get back into working on MLA.
I won’t be posting every Monday like I used to and won’t be posting as much. However, I will be posting from here to there.

What I’m currently doing:
-Fixing glitches and bugs
-Brainstorming new ideas of how to make MLA better
-Adding in more voices for characters

What I need to do:
-Write more dialogue
-Getting new portrait designs for characters
-Work on storyline