If you wanna support MLA copy one of the following URL and paste it into your signatures on any forum or site!






11 thoughts on “Support

  1. Hello! I noticed that you do not have your own face-sets, just normal ones. I have an artist I commission all the time and would be willing to commission her for your game for nothing! I just want to see you characters with her art. So you can see that this is not a big thing (because her prices are super good for me), here is her commissions :

    Also, the reason I’m doing this is I failed in making a fan-game, so for now I just want to help other’s fan-games!

  2. Hi, your game looks nice!
    But to be honest with you, the old face sets had a more professional look than the new ones. I do not want to say that the artist´s work on the new sets is bad, but I think right now his/her skills still need some more practise to get the right look for your game.
    If you are interested in some examples of skilled character designers, I could help you out with some references.
    However you will decide, I wish you and your team all the best and a lot of fun with your project!
    Best wishes Ree

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