Hilda and Teatimesenri

My portrait artist just finished drawing Hilda’s new portraits. This turned out better than what I envisioned for her to look like. This is the new Hilda!



Also, this page leads to my portrait artist: http://teatimesenri.blogspot.com/
Great artist! Check it out!


Stuart and New Bachelor, Big Bad Wolf

Here’s Stuarts new portrait design along with his info:
BIO - Stuart

A new Bachelor will be added to the game. His name is Big Bad Wolf.

The Big Bad Wolf is an awkward and uncomfortable person to confront. In the game, there are times when he would be caught stalking Alice, the MC. He would always tease Alice and tick her off for fun. He’s somewhat sarcastic and always looks on the positive side of a situation. He’s also very secretive considering the fact that he won’t tell anyone his real name. People say to stay away from the guy because all he does is cause trouble and can be a bit devious.
As you get along with him within the game, his real name and back-story will be revealed.


New Portrait Designs

I found a artist that was willing to help me out with portraits. Feeling so grateful!
Some Characters will have makeovers and some might stay the same.

I’ll be adding a few characters. Some of these new characters that I’m thinking of is only a “maybe”… They’re not official
– Ocean (Female – Mermaid)
– Yo (Male – Fisherman)
– Izzy (Female – The Gift shop owner)
– Big Bad Wolf (Male – Stalker. Possible new Bachelor)
– Baker (Female – thinking of adding in a Bakery)
– Yuki (Female – Spirit of Aqua Island.)

Here are three characters that are finished:

Here are the new character information:
BIO - Alice

BIO - Lucas

BIO - Reina


MLA is on Hiatus – (MLMU)

My Lazy Afternoon will be on hiatus again. I won’t be able to use the media for some time this semester, so MLA will be put on hiatus.
I’ll be back soon, don’t worry. There will be time to time that I will post frequently to ask for your opinions and such. Not to mention, I left a little sneak peek picture below but never showed you what it was. You’ll have to wait for that……

There are still a few little updates I need to post as well but they won’t be Monday-Updates.


New Schedules and Makeovers – (MLMU)

I’m working on making new schedules. Not new but improved. Characters won’t be having the same schedules every day anymore.
They might change locations each day. Example of Lucas:

Morning: Pure Street
Afternoon: Shop
Sunset: Restaurant (Saturday to Sunday he’s at Beach)

On another note:
Some characters are getting makeovers. For some of them changed their shirt or hair. But there are a few that was entirely changed.
You can tell which character is which but there are a few belo that you can’t tell who they are. 😀 (Their identities can’t be revealed yet…sorry…)



My other pages

I just wanted to share you guys my other pages. WordPress here is the official site for MLA. I have a tumblr and twitter. I usually post my own things there. So if you want to know more about me you can follow me at:
Twitter: @mylafter
My Email: (if you need to contact me)